Beyond Xcode

Alexander Shalamov, EPAM

This talk covers the compilation process in general, using clang. We will go through all the stages our code goes through when it is compiled to binary. You will get familiar with Mach-O file format, which files use it and how the system launches applications.

About Alexander Shalamov

Alexander stumbled into IT back in high school by creating servers for Ragnarok Online. He wrote scripts for NPCs, rebuilt server engines, ran small projects. Then he switched to C++ and Qt, building software for spacecraft motion visualization. After graduation from the university, he tried himself in a startup, wrote in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS. When the startup gloriously imploded, Alexander took up iOS development. Since then he worked in the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia and Sberbank, currently working in EPAM. Recently he started coding for macOS. In his free time, Alexander rides BMX, jumps on a trampoline and misses his motorcycle. Academically he is slowly crawling towards ML, reviving high school math along the way.

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