Server-side Swift with Kitura

Tim Oliver, Mercari (@TimOliverAU)

Swift on the server represents an exciting new opportunity for Apple platforms developers. It is slowly becoming possible to have an iOS app written in Swift sharing the exact logic code with its backend on the server.

One of the companies spearheading this opportunity is IBM with their server-side project called Kitura. This talk introduces Kitura and how it may be used to write server-side Swift applications. It includes a discussion on how to get started, how to get involved with contributing to its development as well as how to deploy it to a backend capable of scaling.

About Tim Oliver

Tim's been an iOS fanboy since the iPhone 3G and a full-time iOS engineer since the iPhone 5. He currently works at Mercari out of Tokyo, Japan, and has previously worked at Realm and pixiv. In his free time, he enjoys contributing to the open source iOS community, and playing the occasional game of Splatoon.

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