A World-Wide Web of HyperCards in every Browser

Josh Deprez (@DrJosh9000)

HyperCard is a vintage Apple software environment created in the 1980s and last released in 1998. Despite some limitations, it was a technology way ahead of its time: key ideas from HyperCard would later become the World Wide Web, and then the Web ate everything.

This talk covers cross-compiling with Emscripten to WebAssembly, Classic Macintosh emulation, and how HyperCard's true destiny as a web platform can be realised, finally delivering justice to the "crimes" of Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

About Josh Deprez

Josh works for Google in Site Reliability Engineering. Previously he was at the University of Tasmania doing a PhD in Mathematics, which ...explains rather a lot. Please don't hold it against him. He is a long-time AUC enthusiast and serial /dev/world offender.

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