Adventures in Rich Notifications

Stephanie Sharp, Etsy (@stephrsharp)

In iOS 12 push notifications became richer with more options for customisation and interaction, but many apps still haven’t explored their full potential. Inspired by Apple Messages, we created a rich notification UI to help Etsy buyers and sellers communicate more efficiently. This talk covers the unique challenges of extension development, designing a user experience beyond the app, and what we learned along the way. You’ll walk away from this talk more prepared, and hopefully inspired, to embark on your own rich notification adventure.

About Stephanie Sharp

Steph is a Senior Software Engineer at Etsy. She’s been building iOS apps for 8 years and has made apps for bankers, auto mechanics, construction workers and children visiting museums. She grew up on a sheep farm in Victoria, and moved to New York City three years ago. She loves exploring new neighbourhoods in the city, but still misses her garden and Australian bakeries.

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