NFC for Fun and Profit

Jimmy Ti, Eat More Pixels (@jimmyti)

Near Field Communication (NFC) is the technology that powers more and more aspects of our daily life, from paying for the delicious coffee with our Apple Watch to unlocking an exclusive item with an Amiibo on our Nintendo Switch.

Apple has been quietly expanding NFC capabilities on iOS with every new iPhone and iOS release. iOS 13 finally added support for both reading and writing NFC tags. iOS devices can now establish p2p connections easily via NFC. What does all these new NFC capabilities mean for us iOS developers? How can we leverage NFC to provide a better experience for our users or to give our app a competitive edge?

This session provides an introduction to the CoreNFC framework, tips and tricks on using NFC to "supercharge" your iOS workflow, and demonstrations on the types of new user interactions made possible by integrating NFC into iOS apps.

About Jimmy Ti

Jimmy Ti is co-founder and technical lead at Eat More Pixels, a mobile app development studio in Brisbane. Eat More Pixels strives to craft apps with great user experience and playful design. Jimmy holds a Software Engineering honours degree, and earned PhD for his research in mobile interaction design for public transport social networks. He has been developing iOS apps since 2010 and has developed for clients such as the Heart Foundation, Queensland Museum, and Australian Museum.

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