The Code Was The Easy Part: Introducing an iOS UI Library at a Corporate

Sam Jarman, PageProof (@samjarman)

In 2018, we developed an internal iOS “Style Guide”. A Swift library full of branded UIViews, UIColors, UIFonts and more for use in building our apps. Our iOS devs breezed through the coding of the library, but what we found was that was the easy part... Were 12 developers ready for such a change in coding methodology? Our first internal dependency? A lot was changing. This talk covers the development of the framework, but more importantly, the conversations, mindset shifts and debates we went through to scale our iOS development. This talk will go into topics such as API design, semantic versioning, testing coverage, team and personal responsibilities, expectation management, and more.

About Sam Jarman

Sam Jarman is a software engineer at PageProof, based in Auckland, New Zealand. He has been making apps since 2009, part-time, professionally and again recently as a hobbyist. He loves talking about code architecture, teamwork, and software engineering principles.

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