Moving from macOS to iOS and beyond

Matthew Delves, Delightful Apps PTY LTD (@mattdelves)

Over the past few years Apple has progressively released more and more tools, documentation and instructions on how to build products that exist on more than a single device. In June of 2019 at WWDC, Apple announced one of the biggest changes to writing apps being SwiftUI. This new framework, along with other advancements that were released, gives developers great incentive on how to take a product from being single platform to existing on multiple platforms.

Along with SwiftUI, the following techniques and approaches have been used to bring an existing macOS app to being available on iOS and iPadOS.

  • SPM
  • CoreData to CloudKit sync
  • Multi window support on iPadOS

The presentation will focus on a case study of taking the macOS based app Domestique and releasing it on iOS and iPadOS. This presentation will allow for developers to see what choices were made and how the new technologies were applied.

About Matthew Delves

Matt is a macOS and iOS developer based in Melbourne Australia that loves cycling and visiting different cities and cultures. Matt loves building apps which are delightful to use and have a sense of magic about them which engages and draws users in.

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