SF Symbols. Icons for everyone?

James White, Colourfool Creative (@thecolourfool)

iOS 13 introduces SF Symbols, an all new way to present consistent, scalable, accessible iconography throughout your apps. It’s an interesting solution to a pain point that’s existed in iOS development since the beginning. But should you use them? In this session, James outlines SF Symbols and discusses some pros and cons of this approach. He also compares a number of options for app imagery, in a sort of “state of the image union”. Warning: contains graphic language.

About James White

James White has been writing bios for himself for many years. Sometimes he says he’s a designer, and sometimes a developer. Sometimes he mashes it up as “Designeloper”, but that’s getting old. He comes from New Zeal…no, it’s been a long time. Let’s just say he’s from Perth.

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