Life is hard. Reality is ARd.

Louis Cremen (@proxyblue)

Apple introduced an easier way to work with scenes and augmented reality this year called RealityKit and Reality Composer. But how hARd are these tools? Will they leave you with a scAR? Or is it easy to make something with chARm? 😊

Join Louis as he presents a stARting point to Augmented Reality, looking at the brand new tools Apple has provided designers and developers this year, as well as great learning resources to help you become a stAR. ⭐️

There will be no more AR jokes in the talk for fear of jumping the shARk. 🦈

About Louis Cremen

Louis is a regular at /dev/world (seriously, we can't get rid of him) and has been programming on iOS since the first iPhone OS developer beta. He has worked as a developer, security consultant, technical trainer, university lecturer and in developer management for his whole career and loves everything Apple. He loves iOS development, application security, photo and video frameworks, picking locks, breaking applications, pop culture, musical theatre, neuroscience, talking on podcasts, writing blog posts and more.

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