Reality Composer – How anyone can create meaningful AR experiences

Emory Fierlinger, Massey University (@Emoryzanef)

WWDC19 was such a big year, you might’ve missed some of the biggest changes that AR has had since its introduction on Apple’s platforms. In this talk we’ll cover Apple’s all new AR scene creation app Reality Composer. See how easy it is to experiment with AR, even for people who don’t understand all the technical details. We’ll also explore a range of different use cases and real world applications that are starting to emerge, pointing to the future of AR in consumer apps.

  • All about Reality Composer
  • Workflow for creating high quality AR assets
  • Understanding people occlusion
  • Best use cases for AR and how to adopt it in your app
  • A wide range of super fun and impressive demos

About Emory Fierlinger

Emory is a UX and industrial design student at Massey University in Wellington New Zealand. Aside from University, he works freelance to design and build websites and apps for clients. He's also working on - a smart fuel cost calculator for kiwi road trips. As a design student, Emory likes to experiment with how people will interact with computers in the future, especially with voice, machine learning and AR and their applied benefits for people in the real world. He can be found at and @Emoryzanef on Twitter.

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