2-4 September


/dev/world/2019 is Australia's longest running conference for macOS and iOS developers and designers, and returns to Melbourne on 2-4 September 2019.

Celebrating our twelfth year, we're still working to build an inclusive community of enthusiasts; from creatives to scientists, from hobbyists to die-hards, /dev/world/2019 is about coming together to share and learn.

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Featured Talks

Simon Joslin, The Voxel Agents
Matthew Clark, The Voxel Agents

Follow the scent - you don’t know what you’re making until you’ve made it. The Apple Design Award-winning adventure puzzle game The Gardens Between took seven years to discover, evolve and refine. Good design simply can’t be rushed.


Monday, September 2nd
Workshops and Sessions
Tuesday, September 3rd
Keynote, Sessions, Dinner Keynote
Wednesday, September 4th
Keynote and Sessions




We're thrilled to be hosting /dev/world/2019 at RMIT University, right in the middle of Melbourne.

Swanston Academic Building (Building 80)

445 Swanston Street


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