26-28 August


/dev/world/2018 is Australia's longest running conference for macOS and iOS developers and designers, and returns to Melbourne on 26-28 August 2018.

Celebrating our eleventh year, we're still working to build an inclusive community of enthusiasts; from creatives to scientists, from hobbyists to die-hards, /dev/world/2018 is about coming together to share and learn.

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Michael Shaw, Savage Interactive
Liquid Performance

Performance is an essential quality and founding principle of Procreate, affording the artist a natural and fluid connection with their creation. We'll explore our principles, techniques, and sacrifices on the road to minimal latency and 120 frames a second.

Quentin Zervaas, Crunchy Bagel
From Idea to ADA

Streaks won a coveted Apple Design Award at WWDC in 2016. Learn from the creator about the story of the app, including why it was chosen as a winner.

Richard Moss
Tales from the Golden Age of Mac Gaming

Macs were at various points in the 1980s and 90s a great bastion of innovation and creativity in game design, a place where genres were born and thinking differently was a doctrine — not a tagline. Journalist and historian Richard Moss will share the biggest lessons, insights, and tales of developer wizardry from the era that he found while writing his book The Secret History of Mac Gaming.

Special Events

Paul Fenwick
Dinner Keynote

Join Paul at the /dev/world/2018 conference dinner, and have your mind blasted with knowledge that you didn't expect, may faintly resent, and will be sure to delight in.

The /dev/world/2018 Quiz

Finally, all those nights of reading Wikipedia are going to pay off! Join us at the dinner quiz, a decade-old /dev/world institution. Non-technical, welcoming, and a great way to mark the middle of the conference.


  • Designing for iOS: Resources You Gotta Know
  • State Machines are your friend
  • Push Notifications and the Limits of Innovation
  • Machine Learning ...without the Machine
  • How to go from bad practice to best practice
  • The State of MVC
  • Build your own synthesiser
  • xcodebuild for fun and profit
  • Fun with fudge factors: prototyping vague things
  • Batteries and Locks: Modern Tech from Ancient Times
  • Ada on an iPad?
  • Decoding Codable
  • Swift, for Objective-C OGs
  • And more to come!


  • Quality assurance and testing fundamentals for small teams
  • Refactoring an horrible codebase guided by tests
  • Adding AI to your applications with TensorFlow Lite for iOS
  • And more to come!


We're thrilled to be hosting /dev/world/2018 at RMIT University, right in the middle of Melbourne.

Swanston Academic Building (Building 80)

445 Swanston Street


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